Blue Star UP Rising!

Last week I was walking along the beach with my sister Leslie, talking about Blue Star and what I should do. Should I carry on or should I pack it in?  Leslie listened to me for two days as I really let the reality of what we are going through hit me. I considered closing down, saying goodbye, dissolving all of our hard work, parting ways with long time friendships and deciding where to go from here…or…..trying one more time to get this mission what it needs.  A lot to reckon with.

While we were walking I said to her if we have the campaign to save Blue Star what should we name it? It needs a name!  We both threw out phrases and ideas and talked about what it should mean to the campaign too. It would have to give a sense of super importance to it without spinning it in any negative way.

Blue Star is named after the Blue Star Prophecies of the Hopi people, foretelling a time when the children of the earth are waking up and recognizing all of life is connected in a sacred web of life. The Blue Star is the north star and is seen as the place of “New Beginnings”.

Blue Star is not a failure by any means, but it is at a crossroads. “Blue Star Rising!”  I said and immediately we both liked it a lot. Later I was googling the term to see if it had been used before and it turns out at the top of the list was Jon Katz’s blog named “Blue Star Rising” about Blue Star! It was one of his amazing heartfelt expressions that Jon shared during that time of tremendous grief for those of us on the farm. I never read it all the way through until a few days ago. Jon has a great ability to see to the  “heart of the matter”  a great gift he shares freely every day of his life,

Maria’s beautiful quilt she made for Blue Star after I described for her some wisdom I was told at World Peace and Prayer Day 2014. The time has come to truly embrace the meaning of “Blue Star” or New Beginnings, it is here, now.

We are facing some big changes and I am considering day by day the very best plan for the continued growth of our work and in what direction. We have found some land and will report the moment we can whether we move forward with it or not. Meanwhile, thank you for all the have been helping in the ways you are doing so.

Personally, I am going to give it all I got for the horses we have come so far with and who call this sanctuary home. Meanwhile please keep supporting. Our Vet bill this month is way up again due to so many visits with our herd. Tex among the most. It is over $4000 again and we just paid that amount! We love our Vets and taking good care of them is as important as anything we do.  If you want to help direct you can go to Mill Valley Vet and they will help you to do so and we will make sure you get your write off too!

Please Join the Herd, it wouldn’t take very many to share in keeping the farm going with its operating costs which are bound to stay relatively the same wherever we go! This time our budget includes contracting full-time positions, buying advertising and spreading the word, finally establishing this work as it should be with a solid professional staff of its own with a much reduced herd size until we are able to do more with stability.

To do what we do in the community takes a skilled staff of horse people most of all! These driving, training, and draft horse husbandry skills are not found so easily and there are not many that are so proficient in it. We hope to be able to carry on with our outreach and education, workshops and training to share these skills with those that are truly seeking them and they are growing in numbers year by year as more and more people alternatives to mechanical methods in farming and logging and more. We need facilities that can and will host clinics and workshops and train with those that have been living and working or mastering this way of life!



Rachel, another one of our UMass Equine management and Stockbridge Ag, now graduated is ready willing and able to come on board and help develop and manage Blue Star further with our horse powered programs.

I will always be a caretaker of this farm and the horses if needed and a committed crusader for all this mission stands for. Blue Star is and always has been an act of service for me. I have started my own company, Stardust Organics,  and can run that anywhere I am. I can be personally successful and still live with and write about and share the horses as I always have and even much more so. What I share with the horses at Blue Star is an act of service and gratitude and it continues to shape me into a better and better human being and  I will keep doing  my part to help bridge the gap so that every one that wants to gets the opportunity to meet them, learn about  and love them will have a very welcoming way to do so.

To see what kinds of soil amendments I can sell now check out Mother Earth Organics while I finish building my own site!

Stay tuned there is much more to come and please do visit if you can! These are our last weeks in Palmer no matter what and we should make the most of them! Come and visit the horses, make a donation, give us a hand if you can and lets get this mission on it’s feet once and for all.

Come and visit the horses, make a donation, give us a hand if you can and let’s get this mission on its feet  (or hooves) once and for all!





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