Paul worked for countless hours developing the pasture and compost system that is being created here. It was all consuming to him. He would study on line, communicate with professionals, handle every aspect of it. Today I hold onto it with all I have although it has been a very difficult road. The work of keeping it alive is so hard and a lot of it has to do with how people relate to me. I am not taken as seriously as Paul was and I dare say many of those involved in it felt strongly that I couldn’t do it anyway. For the horses and for Paul, whether on this farm or another, I will keep it alive. The horses lives are profoundly affected in such deeply positive ways. Ultimately our goal was to create to a walking park along the pastures that brought you to information on the draft breeds, their endangerment and their contribution. I will spend my life trying to create this and I see it one day being completed and on that day I will sit down and have a good cry….about being a woman, effective leadership, communication and flexibility…all powerful lessons I am still learning related to what is simply a well designed pasture management system on environmentally sensitive and limited land.

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