Billy not to be confused with Bill.


Time sure flies here on the farm and sometimes it seems impossible to retrace my steps to an event or moment gone by, yet some stories need and want to be told, no matter when we tell them.

I wanted to write about Billy the moment I met him. Billy is a rare beauty inside and out and while I love beautiful horses as much as any I felt I needed to know who Billy is to determine just how “beautiful” he really is.

Picking up NYC Billy. He had his once beautiful bejeweled halter on with red ruby hearts. A couple had rubbed off and his halter was a bit worn, all signaling that his time as a NYC carriage horse had come to an end.

His former owner loved him and was almost tearful telling me of Billy’s life and how not even an offer of over $5000 mattered to him as much as finding Billy the life he would love and deserve. Of course we knew we could help, we knew that Billy would easily find something because thanks to social media we are all so much better connected.  Billy is not only beautiful, he has perfect health, a quiet good manner and is friendly and easy going…even in a herd of not so friendly friends. Billy quickly and easily fit in here and as we handled him day to day we realized that whoever gets Billy will be so lucky, he really is all that his human Dad said he is…a really good boy. Billy is sound, strong, only 15yr, never been sick, willing, responsive and alert and while he has worked in NYC for a lot of his life, he likes farms better, his owner is sure of it.

Within a day or so he figured out where to hang out to stay cool and have a good view on things. He commanded his space and no one felt like pushing him around.
Billy doesn’t have a bad side. All his angles are beautiful.

When we hear about good strong horses needing a family or home or job of some kind we  reach out to our friends at Draft Animal Power Network, a growing community of horse- (animal) powered farmers, loggers and homesteaders.  It didn’t long before our friend Erica Marzak found something  perfect for Billy.


We know that Knox is going to miss him. They spent hours playing together. For one whole day Knox never gave him a moments rest. Billy took it all in stride.
Billy made alot of human friends in his stay here and we are going to miss him alot.
We know Sarge is going to miss him a lot too. Sarge couldn’t see how beautiful he is but he could “feel” it because Billy is just as beautiful inside as on the outside and that is really really beautiful.

Billy’s new family came down over the week-end and stayed for two days making sure they could bond with him and get to know him a bit more.

The farm where he has gone to also has another working horse. Annie, the Belgian, has been working alongside her friends for quite some time now and does all kinds of jobs on the farm but the time had come to get her a helper too.  As I write this I am hoping the Annie and Billy are becoming great friends and that they grow to know each other so well that it comforts and gives them what they deserve in companionship and natural connection.  Billy’s new home is Helios Horsepower Farm, Certified Organic Vegetables  and he makes up half that horse power now as he arrives to help Annie and together they help their new human family have an inspired, restorative and sustainable lifestyle that can hold them all.

This morning was cool and sunny and perfect weather for a trip to his new home and farm with his new family of humans, a Belgian, a milking cow and some goats, chickens and lots of lots of flowers and vegetables too! While it is never easy to say good-bye, knowing you are sending someone off to something so good is a feeling like no other too. A feeling of amazing connection and blessing for all involved!
Billy always to be remembered as one of the most beautiful horses I have ever met.
On the same day that Billy arrived, we had another Bill arrive. We figured we would wait a bit more before formally introducing him so as to give him time to find his place. Bill has retired from Philadelphia and while he should be slowing down, he really isn’t. He is lively and curious and these days making lots of new friends and settling into his retirement just fine.

Please support the retired and disabled and homeless working horses that live that Blue Star. Horses like Billy and Bill are friends and their kind are ancient friends to us all. Help us show the gratitude and respect and love we all want for them!

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