Update on Piper and her homecoming.

BIG LOVE and THANK YOU Message from Piper who has been supported and loved by her community throughout so much of her life and most especially recently in her journey to healing her broken tooth. Piper will be returning home on Friday ready to get back into life with this experience behind her now forevermore.

Piper is resting and eating and drinking lots of water and moving around just fine and markedly much more mellow.  She has stopped head butting everyone and doesn’t mind standing quietly while people touch and admire her. She is back to her old self, loving the attention and behaving like the smart and competent horse she is.

I am the most proud of her knowing her as well as I do I know this was not an easy experience for her to go through and I imagine it wouldn’t be for anybody.

I imagine she misses her brothers but that is a projection for sure. She is doing what her “kind” does, staying “in” time and not being anywhere else but where she is at. She has quite a few admirers in the barn but none as much as little Fred, he is completely smitten with her and watches her every move with great curiosity and admiration in his eyes and he cries when she goes out of his sight. She answers back every time. They have a “relationship” already of some kind….lucky Fred.

Little Red Fred as Kimmy likes to refer to him. Kimmy  also thinks that Fred may want Piper to be his mom more than he wants a mate. He couldn’t be cuter doing whatever it is that he is doing when he stares at her.

One of the last times we tried to put a bit in her mouth realizing that something is bothering her. Her fractured molar was discovered late Fall. Steadily it got worse as we considered what is best for her and how to go about making it happen. She has been living with it for at least 6mths.

Upon returning from the dentist she had dinner and went about cleaning all the corners of any grass she could get her lips on.

Piper is pretty much the queen of the farm or at least in the herd she lives in. I am not sure Feather would agree that she is more of a leader than herself, but I think they would be good friends and would share the power, they are respectful of each other when their heads are over the fence. In the herd she is in you will find her mostly hanging out alone, she is the only mare and prefers her own company more than her brothers and herd mates, she is always watching over them all though and us too.


We are going to be so happy to have her help again as we do our jobs around the community. You can meet her at the Annual Harriet Beecher Stowe Community Birthday Celebration in Hartford, CT. This year’s celebration will be held on Saturday, June 10th and will be an extra special affair as we will be unveiling the newly renovated Harriet Beecher Stowe House. Like last year the rides will be from 11:00 am-4:00 pm.

Piper is truly one of my best friends and seeing her go through this challenge has not been easy but it never is easy to see any of them deal with health crises or issues. Loving them so much also means understanding that while they are powerful beyond belief, they are also fragile and sometimes far too much so.

Maybe Pipers most important “job” that she does is in how she activates your imagination and blesses you with feeling like the luckiest person in the world to have such a friend like this. She is an amazing teacher to young men and women. letting them know that they are “seen” for all they are in her eyes and that it is enough to just be who they are, she never lies and she never judges.

BIG THANKS TO 76 Carriage Co. for all their help in making sure she makes it to where she was going and letting her heal amid their busy stable lives. We deeply appreciate the help and no one as much as Piper, she has made alot of friends and has grown accustomed to the routine all around her already, proving her “kind” are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth, kinda like us. Maybe we learned it from each other so we could keep up with each other!


“Please remember to Join the Herd if you haven’t! Your support helps us take good care of some important equine friends who share our history with us and deserve to make it into the future we all hope for! A connected and compassionate world for all!”  equiculture.org 

Thank you from ALL at Blue Star and most especially the Horses who call the farm home! 

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