Opening of the ONLY Revolutionary War Museum in America!

“These are times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few; and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.” – Letter to Bushrod Washington, January 15, 1783
George Washington on Horseback Battle Painting at Mount Vernon
Nearly everything was faced with their horses at their sides. Washington has been painted with the white horse and he did have one but it was a bay that owned his heart. He would go into battle with the bay horse named “Nelson” and enter into towns and fields with his white horse where he would  address the people atop his white horse. George Washinton had stops all over the region I live in now and nearby at our local KMart. A simple stone sits under a tree that says here once stood George Washington who rested before moving onto take command of the Continental Army…or something along those lines. 
Statue of Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene atop his horse.was a major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.
They were with us in the fiercest of battles. The Cowpens, South Carolina, January 17, 1781
In upland South Carolina, at a place where local farmers penned their cows, an American force of 300 Continentals and 700 militia from North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, won a brilliant victory against the British.
The radical assumption that…” All men are created equal, that they are endowed y their Creator with certain unalienable rights: that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….”
Mike Engler and Roll of 76 Carriage Co. carrying George Washington and Cynthia MacLeod, superintendent of Independence National Historical Park, who both gave a hearty “Huzzah”! to the visitors and guests!

What a perfect day for a celebration of a long awaited moment, the grand opening of The Revolutionary War Museum in Philadelphia!  Celebrating the “shot that was heard round the world!” on April 19th 1775 and the revolution begins!

The midnight ride of William Dawes!

My  carriage driving friends and I who love the history in the “most historic mile in America” have all been watching this building be built, altogether it has been in the making for over a hundred years now, it is finally finished! When I left over eight yrs ago it was far from complete. How auspicious to be here when it officially opens.

I have been hanging out with this crew and many more like them, young and old, for the past eight years and I believe I am ready to face to world in bolder and bigger ways. It is all thanks to these mighty friends of mine, young and old, strong and fit and not so much and everywhere in between. Each and every one helping me grow and develop in all the ways that matter most for me to become the best version of the  person I know I am.

Although everyday is an auspicious day in regards to the history that lives here and you could spend your life visiting and getting to know it better. I have always loved the idea that no matter how much I learn about the people, places and things that make up the city, there is always more. A city made up of countless stories of heroes and heroines, pirates and Chiefs, scientists and medicine,  miracles, visionaries, bold and brave thinkers and doers.

You can get any sized tour around the National Park with 76 Carriage Co. and at the same time support working horses! Feels a bit like time traveling for those that like to use their imaginations! 

All of it all inspires me to live more fully, more gratefully and with a purpose. To think I came to feel this way as a tour guide in Philly.

The famous “Tree of Peace” that sheltered our early government.

 One special feature is then-General George Washington’s headquarters tent — considered one of the most important surviving artifacts from the war. amrevmuseum.orgA world with opportunity to explore the field of possibilities and potential, the horse knows the way there and has been bringing us towards it right along.

Emma Rickenbach sharing the road with Pete, learning history and honoring her ancestors by sharing it with others. Pete and horses like him have brought Emma to the field of possibilities and potential and she is making the very most of it, like her ancestors before her, with hard work and commitment,  responsibility, respect, compassion and love! Thanks to those that support  Young people  like Emma have a chance at creating the world they want to live in with the horses alongside them, as they should be. 

Working as a horse and carriage driver or alongside a horse in any kind of partnership is otherworldly yet  mundane and seriously good medicine for the soul of so many of us. They are worth taking good care of, they are our reflection and tell the world who we think we are.


We believe at Blue Star that by loving a draft horse you begin to embrace more intimately where we come from. Hopefully there is still time of the endangered Shire with critical numbers now. They do not have to be a causality of our disconnect from our history, they can help reconnect us to it!


While visiting Philly do yourself a favor and take a carriage ride with a horse and a human who are at your service. This is not a shameless plug for one of my favorite carriage companies, just a simple fact. By visiting the National Park with the horses you step outside of “time” and sync with the rhythm of how the city was built. You begin to “feel” how working horses and their loads and work influenced everything about life and how they helped the explosion of the industrial revolution.  It is our shared history with each other and the horses and the land that held and served us all.

Mike Engler and Roll from 76 Carriage Co.. A century in the making, the hotly-anticipated Museum of the American Revolution opens to the public on April 19 — the anniversary of “the shot heard ‘round the world” that kicked off the Revolutionary War.
George Washington greeting the crowd.
Pete was there too!

Celebrations will continue on through the year and include the Oneida Council Meetings that helped shape the constitution as we know it. Weapons, battle horns, George Washington’s tent that was used at Valley Forge and so much more…..

Former Vice President Joe Biden was there to commemorate the 242nd anniversary of the “shot heard ‘round the world” – the day that ignited the Revolutionary Way in 1775.

Our founding fathers knew that the revolution would live on to help change the world way into the future, our future and our future generations.

Former Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendall and Governor Tom  Wolf  sharing their respect to our founding fathers. Carrying them to their auspicious appt is Dave Hebon and Chief of 76 Carriage Co. 

It is always so awesome to see the horses get invited to these kinds of events in Philly and beyond.  These magnificent cities have had their foundation laid with the help of our noble equine friends in unprecedented history making, surviving and becoming together, in an age that was been built with theirs and our  power combined and forged in hard won skill and mastery only to be massively dismissed and nearly  forgotten by most, but not all.

The historians at the National Park Service know that the horses add a dimension to “living history”  like no other.  Another powerful opportunity to connect to the “living” history this city is made of and the  nature and parks  that have been cultivated and loved for centuries. Like Fairmount Park…

Kimmy Hart carrying her share of dignitaries for the day. Kimmy is driving Pete of 76 Carriage Co. too!


Video of the festivities this morning!



Message from Piper who has been supported and loved by her community throughout so much of her life and most especially recently when she had to have her tooth removed.

“Please remember to Join the Herd if you haven’t! Your support helps us take good care of some important equine friends who share our history with us and deserve to make it into the future we all hope for! A connected and compassionate world for all!” 

Thank you from ALL at Blue Star and most especially the Horses who call the farm home! 

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