Blue Star Holiday Message

Why Help?

We are making the change we want to see in the world for horses in need.

For seven years now Blue Star Equiculture has existed to provide a sanctuary for retired, disabled and homeless horses.  Horses have valuable gifts to share with humanity and any community they are found in regardless of their breed, size, age, ability or health issue is a lucky community when they are provided space for and allowed to meet their community by way of visiting, volunteering for and learning from.

The horses at Blue Star have helped so many young people decide the path they want to take into the future and it is with the horses alongside them, where they belong.

What happens to unwanted horses today when there is no safe place for them to land?

The horses abandonment, disregard, marginalization in modern culture, objectification and disposability and general disrespect stems from a profound disconnect from nature and each other that has worsened in the industrial age that the horses helped usher in. We see it in the way we treat each other and other life, a great disconnect from the essential spirit that binds us all together. The age old proverb “Show me your horse and I will tell you who you are..” stands true still today when we look at that epic numbers of unwanted, abandoned, neglected and suffering horses and people for that matter.

Regardless of what you believe about slaughter and the eating of the horses meat, the unnecessary and extreme suffering needs to end and we believe with consciousness and effort we can collectively make this happen, but the reality must be faced and not ignored or forgotten. Every five minutes an American horse is slaughtered in sometimes brutal circumstances. Our noble and ancient friends deserve a much more honorable treatment, that protects and comforts them from suffering. Temple Gradin has already made great advances in how to make this possible.

Book cover of Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin; for autism project. (Photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)
Book cover of Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin; for autism project. (Photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

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ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY JUNE 19 AND THEREAFTER - In a Thursday, May 12, 2016 photo, horses bound for Chihuahua, Mexico, to be slaughtered, are loaded into a trailer at J&R Stockyards in Presidio, Texas. Nearly a decade after the last three horse slaughterhouses closed in the United States the trafficking of American horses for slaughter continues and the controversy burns as fiercely as ever. (Billy Calzada/The San Antonio Express-News via AP) RUMBO DE SAN ANTONIO OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT
ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY JUNE 19 AND THEREAFTER – In a Thursday, May 12, 2016 photo, horses bound for Chihuahua, Mexico, to be slaughtered, are loaded into a trailer


What we can do more of?  Keep Your Culture!

By learning about the contribution horses have made to mankind and specifically America we can appreciate how much we still need them with us. Support Working Horses and their Humans, you are indeed saving many lives in the process.

Horse culture survives, in pockets all over the planet, especially here in America. There are people loving and caring for their horses in extraordinary and environmentally sensible ways. There are those that are breeding consciously for the future and protecting their horses from oblivion. There are families and communities and farms still depending on their horses and there are also great advances in communication thanks to all the gifted “whisperers” out in the world assisting others in communicating more clearly, compassionately, patiently with horses.



Jason Rutledge keeping his culture alive, a modern man carrying forward the human skills and “toolkit” developed through the co-evolution with horses for our present environmental challenges and for our future generations.

There is a a great network of draft animal powered folks ready, willing and able to help others “remember” and improve an animal powered way of life at Draft Animal Power Network, with whom we work closely with.

There are our European friends seeking more and more ways to include the horses back into our urban and rural lives

L’Energie Cheval: (French society of working equines) is a new website sharing the many ways that draft power is making a return in France and beyond! Great information on the versatility and productivity and countless examples of the many ways communities all over the world are using horse power!

There is also the great Lynn Miller prolific writer, farmer, painter and social commentator whose handbook for draft driving we use at our class at the Stockbridge School of Ag. at UMass.

When groups of 4-H kids, girl scouts, boy scouts, senior centers, veterans from the VA Hospital locally, disabled and special needs children and adults come and ordinary folks come to relieve stress and worry from their everyday lives we take the time to explain the extraordinary sensory gifts the horses share with us. You can feel the tension break in the air as people relax and remember that horses are nature and perfectly suited as ancient companions to remind us that we are too.


Therapeutically horses are now recognized as undisputed miracle workers at helping humans build confidence, find connection, learn tolerance, flexibility and build natural and healthy leadership skills. There are more and more studies revealing just how exceptionally gifted they are sensory wise and much more. On the farm, over 80% of the people working on it  are under thirty. Energetic, bold, self motivated young people wanting to be the change they want to see in the world, with natural abilities honed alongside the horses they work with each day.



Josie and Remix have practically grown up together on this farm. They have both even attained amazing heights in winning the 2014 World Percheron Championship in Youth Riding. They are an amazing pair, bound to have an amazing future together.


The infinite field of possibilities for us all, Horses and Humans.

Happily horses know the way home to where our spirits soars, they know the way back to the great fields of possibilities in our imaginations, where new and better ideas are born. They know the way and all you have to do is show up to meet them where they are at. Any horse can help you reach that receptive and connected place inside where words are no longer necessary, just the understanding that we are all connected in a beautiful loving intelligent and abundant universe of potential where there is no way to be outside of the sacred, honoring the sacred, honoring life.


Brianna youth manager of Birdsong Farm for foster children getting a blessing inside the circle by the horses that love her and vice versa.

This season please give generously to the horses that live on our farm. Help us do this work that brings so much good to so many and most especially the horses.

Two of our Shire Ambassadors are ready for the challenge! They are coming to win your hearts and ask for your help too. Join the Herd! Merlin and Tommy do their part, we can do ours too.

We are embarking on a bold campaign for this Year End Giving Season so as to establish the security the farm needs in order to carry on into the future. Help us get the herd members we need and from there the sky is the limit in terms of the longstanding opportunity the farm offers to those that need and want to have horses in their lives, even if only to admire quietly and be among them in a shared space of mutual respect and love.

Jasper in his retirement, loved and cared for until the very end.

Look for us out in the streets with our  Blue Star Hitch wagon, (on loan from Conkey Lumber) along with Tommy, Ben, Mario and Punch and the people that care for the horses at Blue Star.



Hitch wagons were the distribution vehicles of their time, carrying important loads from one place to another. Every great company had a hitch wagon with a teams of horses of the breeds of their choice and they went out and did their job moving loads on city streets and beyond and built company recognition with their company names painted boldly on the sides.




Very much like our own ancestors here in Massachusetts did for the working horse in Boston, lets give a gift to our retired, disabled and working horses in our community for this Holiday Season!

Our young  Shires and Percheron’s are going to be going out and representing the working class horses and humans still among us in America, whose wisdom, skill and power we  need now and will need more so going into the future. Our hitch of horses are also representing their dying breeds, the Shires, the Clydes and the Suffolks. They are also going out representing all the working horses in cities all over the world that carry the tradition and customs and stories for their cities history.

The Blue Star horses are going out representing our horse power culture.  America is rooted in REAL Horse Power!



And most important of all they are going out representing the ones that are left behind, forgotten, thrown away, given up on, discarded, unfortunate and alone, unloved, sick and injured and scared to death ones too. They are representing their farm here in Palmer and all we stand for.

Blind Sarge who lost his job as an Adirondack pack horse. Blue Star is his forever home now where he is loved and where he shares incredible gifts of immeasurable value. You can read all of their stories here….


Blue Star is a prophecy shared by many native peoples around the world, a time of new beginnings. New beginnings in the circle of life, where there is no beginning or end.


Join the Herd!

Best holiday gift you can give to the horses here and most importantly for yourself. Try it you’ll see, there is an amazing amount of magic that happens when you reach out to share with a mystical and ancient creature like the Horse and the universe never fails to reward you in infinite ways, maybe even more in the season of giving. It will make you feel good and that in itself is a powerful medicine enough.

With Great Love and Appreciation! 

All of us at Blue Star! 




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