Hold Your Horses!

The other night we went to watch the opening of the Draft Horse Show at the Big E to see the contenders and support the working horses that come out to “show off”.

Hands on the hips, reminding the hitch who is boss.
Hands on the hips, reminding the hitch who is boss.

Tonight will be the finale and one of the big hitches will win the $34,000 prize, we wouldn’t want to choose any favorites but we are always ¬†hoping the best man and horses wins!!


When I was taking the pictures I was drawn to the connection the drivers and partners have with the horses in handling them out in the arena. The many different quiet and powerful ways they comfort, speak to, hold, touch, look at, stand by them all while they wait to be judged or for other hitches to come in or leave.


This quiet language takes years to develop and whole lifetimes to get really good at. Handling this much horse power has nothing to do with physical strength as we know, but every to do with “energy” and the proper use of.

Watching masters like these folks out in the arena is mesmerizing. Every single move and sound and posture matters to the horses who are depending on their human partners to keep them safe and collected.


I especially love the way they all relax in the moments they can, leaning on and connecting with the great power in their care and it gives me great hope that these skills are still alive in the world, they matter, as does the remembering of what is true about our culture, our connection to our past.


America is rooted in REAL horsepower and we are honored to a part of ¬†helping to “draft” a way forward with them too.

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