Random poets and horses…..

There is something in the air…something strange and wonderful and revolutionary in some ways. There seems to be an universal understanding that some things are worth keeping….our horses are to be among them.


While visiting Burlington, Vermont the girls and I decided to buy some poetry from a young man sitting on Church street. He politely asked us what we wanted the “subject” to be and all three of us spontaneously replied “Horses!!” That is all we said. He didn’t know us and we have no idea who he is, although we are now thoroughly impressed with his gift.



Sorry for the foul language but it appears to be a part of his “art” and if it is to get attention  and cause a reaction….it does. But he hardly needs it….



“Do Horses know they are
majestic as fuck?

Do they just gallop around
all day full of themselves.

Do they even have an ego?

Either way,
They do it all.

Why did we stop using them again?

Cars suck.
Bikes are ok.
Walking takes too long
So lets get back to the
day of horses
Make America
Horseback again.”

-Ian “Poems ‘N’ Shit”
Church Street Burlington, VT

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