“Animated empathic action…

…in every moment.”



Those are not my words but those of Boyd Varty in South Africa.  I admire Boyd and I get it too. He is lucky because he gets to be useful in some way to one of humanity’s greatest challenges, to wake up and remember that we are all connected. All of life is connected. We hear it over and over practically everywhere and in science now too. It is a known fact. There is no separation, there is no way to be outside of the sacred, even in the desecrated places. It is also true, especially for me that some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers for the betterment of humanity, love animals. Not in an unnatural, misaligned and unstable extreme “left brain” way but in a responsible and grateful and compassionate way.

This past week-end with the help of a Cheyenne Elder we learned or you could also say “remembered” that not only are we connected in circle of life, we are also the very center from which all of our experience emanates. We are co-creators in a magnificent self regulating universe of potential.  By using both sides of our brain we meet others in a new and more natural way. By being around horses we open ourselves to a different and rare opportunity to see our selves as we are seen by all of nature, in a holistic and circular way, what goes around comes around, what you sew, you reap. We get a chance to interact and walk in rhythm with it.

When I would talk to people that do not know about horses, nor do they care about their circumstances in our corporate culture,  nor even their contribution to the development of most cultures around the world, I would find myself tensing up and getting ready to defend their right to be and live with us, as though it was my self appointed job. I think that reaction came from a particularly violent childhood that I could do nothing about, so in my childish thinking “defending” became a way of life.

Indifference from others about horses or the environment or culture unnerved me and scared me and put me in some kind of hyper vigilant state of no relief, thinking at any moment I too could be disposed of, shipped away, abandoned and given up on and generally an unnecessary space taker…which continuously played out for me in real life. It is only now, in these past weeks and days and even hours that I realize that all of that drama and self inflicted suffering is just that….self inflicted. But I think a lot of us are like this as we try to grow and wake up and be present and share and be a part of an interconnected world spun with love.

It is a good day when the story drops and you give yourself permission to just be who you are. Just one in the crowd with no message other than I want to be a good human being and I want to be useful in moving us forward, even if I don’t know the way, I know that not all that wander are lost. It is enough to get to be here in each moment.

This is another huge gift the horses have given me, one that cannot be bought or bartered for, one that is earned by falling off and getting back up to get back up again and again and again allowing humility to finally have it’s place as the adornment it was meant to be for us.

Another chapter has begun at Blue Star and it is a very very exciting one for me, my friends, colleagues and community and most especially our beloved equine friends as we practice “animated empathic action..” Thank you Boyd Varty for another wonderful way to talk about what is most natural and available to us at all times….”Grace!”

Much appreciated!



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Pasture Paradise

As usual there are all kinds of things going on simultaneously around the farm. These days it feels like we are in the final stages of a massive makeover and I suppose that is because we are. If you visited our farm in the past and walked around you probably had some feelings about the pastures directly behind the barn. We all did and for those of us living and working here it was a constant pressure to keep them in somewhat order. It all had to do with converting a dairy barn to a horse barn and managing a big herd with not a lot of space. Thanks to the University of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency we received a large grant to address all the issues we have. We knew that and the State knows that but unless you asked it was unlikely you would know about the coming improvements. It has literally taken years to fully implement these designs and remedies and we are now at the very summit of that huge mountain of hardship. Living with the pastures in the state they were in took an extreme toll on the tractor too.

Another chapter of our history for the book we are sure to write! Another reason to love this farm. How much did this cost herd members or donors? Just like most of our improvements in and around the farm, nothing at all. Through grants or targeted donations specifically for the work (without an appeal) we received.

Check out what we saw last night when the last trucks left. It is not done but it is almost there, this will also change our world powerfully, even for the visitors, no more concern, just happy comfort knowing that we have the very best practices in place for the horses we love so much!

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No more holding back!

Pam's First Blog Pic 1This is what my life has felt like for the past seven years. I say that quite sincerely and honestly. My arms and body and mind are tired, extremely tired. My spirit however, is soaring, positively and absolutely soaring! I can feel it in my chest and deep in my heart and I feel it wanting to come through me to share some kind of rare and beautiful song, a song without words. A rhythmic horse song from the heart.

However you look at the growth and change at Blue Star you cannot deny that there is something extraordinary about it all. The mission, the love and the far reaching connection prevail and continues to widen its circle.

There is so much to share and now with our new website we have a way to do so! We also have a blog, two blogs! The horses on this farm continue to shine and share and bless us all and now you can read all of their stories.

This new website is intended to be a living, breathing, changing and fluid reflection of the day to day operation of running a unique sanctuary like ours. Now you can become more involved, watch and track success more easily and be proud of just how amazing it is to keep a safe space for horses, humans and mother earth!

Please send any ideas you may have and know that we have major additions to our site yet to come, like tracking funds with specific fundraisers like the one we have now and including and most importantly, a very special section to THANK ALL who have shared their generosity with us for so long and for those whose contribution made a huge difference to our ability to operate. We are grateful and you are written into the fabric of who we are, we want to create something lastly and beautiful for you too! You know who you are and so do we, in time the world will too!

I am looking forward to this new chapter for Blue Star. I am looking forward to it getting all it needs to function powerfully in and around the community it serves. I am looking forward to the horses here making more friends and helping us restore a essential part of who we are! We are a Horse People! Whether they are physically with us or not, their story is intricately woven with ours, what happens to them, happens to us all. Let’s make it good for the future generations of all of life on earth!

With a big overflowing heart of gratitude for it all, THANK YOU!

Thank you for joining us in showing deep gratitude for one of mankind’s most noble and ancient friends!

Peace and Love always!
Pamela Rickenbach

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